Mixed Media Sculpture > 'Freak Show'

In the summer months, I leave my studio and am drawn into nature. I head into my garden and into the woods and I visit the shorelines of the Great Lakes where I am transported into a different kind of creative state. I have always collected but several years ago, I began to put together and elaborate on these wonderful bits of natural and human made objects. I was fascinated by the process and it delighted me in a way that I had never before experienced in years of making art.

I believe that it is the merging of the elements of nature, technology and humanity that makes these pieces come alive. I use bones, stones, twigs, seeds, rusted metal and machines parts, clay, wire, paint, milled wood that is slowly turning back into trees and tiny findings of decrepit beauty. They are just little bits of memories of what they once were but when they are joined together something of essence is created. Something is evoked.

'Only time never dies'
mixed media sculpture
32" x 8"
'I've Got a Brand New Pair of Roller Skates"
mixed media sculpture
18"x10" sold
'Inner Voice'
mixed media sculpture
10"x5", sold
'Bird's Nest'
mixed media sculpture
mixed media sculpture
10"x10" sold
'Mean Mouth'
mixed media sculpture
'Little Angel'
mixed media sculpture
10"x4", sold
'The Good Father'
mixed media sculpture
12"x8", sold
'Mommy Dearest'
mixed media sculpture